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My Wall Street Journal Article

August 8 2008 | by

This WSJ article that I wrote, Support Grows for Disabled Workers, appeared on July 22 in WSJ’s Career Journal – the lead story. It was intended to be a news story about LimeConnect, a fabulous new organization that links qualified (college educated, driven) disabled candidates with jobs at Fortune 500 companies – mainly companies that are taking a stronger stance at hiring PWDs in order to help diversify their employee base as well as better reflect their changing marketplace. As the article notes: “Corporations are casting a wider net for good reasons. With the labor pool shrinking, U.S. employers will face a shortage of 20 million workers by 2020 as baby boomers retire. What’s more, one out of every 10 consumers is a person with a disability, representing $200 billion in annual buying power, according to the National Organization on Disability in Washington.”

Please have a read and would love to hear your comments. Another WSJ article coming out soon.


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