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MTV Knows Drama!

September 9 2008 | by

This is interesting. MTV is profiling Deaf teens for an episode of MTV’s True Life. In “I’m Deaf,” the show follows two Deaf teens, Chris and Amanda, who struggle to thrive in a hearing world. Chris relies “solely on text messages, IMs, and email as forms of communication” and can’t hear the sound of his mother’s voice. Boy, I remember not having these forms of communication growing up: it was the telephone or nothing. Needless to say, the social calvacade skipped my house. Chris ends up getting a cochlear implant, and it changes his life. Amanda, meanwhile, learns to dance by feeling the vibrations and memorizing choreography — something I used to do as a high school cheerleader. She hopes to make Baltimore’s ballet troupe. What a great inspiration for other teens to see. Though this show already has aired, I’m sure they’ll have a repeat. Let’s see if we can get MTV to run episodes of teens with other disabilities.


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