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My Love Affair with Assistive Tech

September 12 2008 | by

If you haven’t heard of Disaboom, you should definitely check out their site. It’s a strong community of PWDs who are learning from and interacting with each other. I was the subject of an >interview for their Living Forward section that was published today. An excerpt:

Suzanne first fell in love with assistive technology (AT) when she started her second New York City job at Businessweek Online. She was originally hired to cover stock market reports, but was soon asked if she wanted to write a weekly column on assistive technology. “I’ve always had people helping me—sign language interpreters, note-takers, etc.—never technology. It struck me how much independence I could gain through technology.”

Writing about AT was a way for Suzanne to help people with disabilities gain independence. She is fascinated by the way assistive technology can be as simple as a mainstream product used in a special way, but still have a big impact. “Technology has changed my life,” Suzanne states.

A “mainstream product” can be anything off-the-shelf, from an iPod – blind people can load audio content, to wireless headsets – used by the mobility impaired to command a PC. It’s up to PWDs to get creative and capitalize on products that are designed to be profit-makers but can also be life-changers.

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