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Stevie Wonder Presents Vision Free Awards

February 20 2009 | by

Grammy-award-winning artist Stevie Wonder is a huge adopter of assistive technology. He edits all his music using sophisticated programs and uses third-party accessibility software when he can. Wonder presented the 2009 Vision Free awards to more than a dozen assistive technology vendors at the International Consumer Electronics Show n Las Vegas, and showed examples of electronics blind can people use in contrast with many they cannot. Still, he remarked that touch screen gadgets, such as those used with many smart phones, alienate the blind.

Overall, 19 companies and organizations were awarded for making products that the blind can use. Some were deliberate efforts, such as a news reading service for the blind created by National Public Radio, iBiquity Digital and radio manufacturer DICE Electronics. Others made accessible products by accident. For example, BlueAnt’s V1 Voice Control Headset was designed because even sighted people can’t see the buttons or LCD of a device on the side of their heads. But those features also make the Bluetooth headset useable for blind people. Apple also picked up an award for the new Apple iPod that lets the iTunes music library “talk” to users and also has more accessible controls.

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