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Tech Cos. Devise Toys for Seniors and Disabled

February 24 2009 | by

Tech companies are starting to pay closer attention to the mature market, and to folks with physical disabilities. The topic of technology and aging took center stage at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES hosted the first Silvers Summit, a showcase for products and services dedicated to keeping aging Boomers engaged, entertained and healthy. Some innovations include the SeniorPC being manufactured by HP and Microsoft; and smartphones for older people that have hearing-aid compatibility and noise-reduction systems. For PCs, the features include software that adds a shell on top of Windows with simple icons for browsing the Web, listening to music and sending e-mail. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts said its board games, like Scrabble, are used to help seniors keep their brains sharp, while Dakim’s Brain Fitness memory games are meant to combat dementia. Dakim’s $6,000 touch-screen, Linux-based computer appliance was sold initially to senior-living providers, with a $1,200 yearly fee for up to 20 users. But a $2,500 home version is coming (with a $600 yearly fee for two users).
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  • Martin Walker

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