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Bookshare Rebuids Talking Books Library

February 27 2009 | by

Looking for the latest Harry Potter book? Now its easier to find on Bookshare, the web-based digital library for people with print disabilities, such as blindness. Bookshare has rebuilt its library to make it even more accessible to the 10 million people in the U.S. who cannot read traditional books. New features include an expanded collection of books as well as enhanced navigation and more powerful search functions for books in the collection. With these new add-ons, it’s now easier for the Bookshare volunteer community to submit and proofread books.

The Bookshare library provides people with print disabilities in the U.S. legal access to more than 43,000 books and 150 periodicals that can be converted to Braille, large print or synthetic speech. A provision in U.S. copyright law allows Bookshare to make copyrighted digital books legally available to people with bona fide disabilities, and a community of volunteers and Bookshare staff scan, upload and proofread books to build the library.
Bookshare members pay a $25 set-up fee and a $50 annual subscription.

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