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Apple Adds Speech Output to the iPod Nano

February 28 2009 | by


As many blind and visually impaired people know, Apple has designed its latest generation iPod, the Nano 8, to be accessible to people with visual impairments. Most importantly, the Nano 8 has speech output for accessing nearly all its menus and functions and speaks the names of all your songs and other content that you load onto it. This built-in accessibility comes at the same price paid by the general public.

The voice of the Nano’s speech synthesis depends on whether you are using a Mac or a PC to load songs. If you are using a Mac, the Nano’s voice will be the voice you are using with VoiceOver, the Mac’s built-in screen reader If you are using a PC, the Nano’s voice will be one of Microsoft’s voices that come with the Windows operating systems.

Although the voice does not support every single feature and function of the new Nano, it does support all the major ones.

With the release of iTunes 8.0 in September 2008, and continuing with the versions versions 8.0.1 and 8.0.2, Apple has also made significant improvements in the accessibility of the iTunes software to let blind and visually impaired people access the digital library and download music, books and movies.

The move comes on the heels of a lawsuit in Massachusetts that claimed Apple wasn’t doing enough to make college textbooks available in accessible formats.

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