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GettingHired Hopes to Find Jobs for Disabled

March 1 2009 | by

New Jersey based has launched a portal to help people with disabilities to find jobs. asks employers to pay an annual fee to get their openings posted and also provides training, technology, and other services that may connect a disability and a job. GettingHired’s chief operating officer Tom Muscalino believes that the company can make a huge difference in the high unemployment rate if they could provide a platform to gather stakeholders.

According to New Jersey Business Journal, Muscalino says the site offers a video interview coaching program that is totally accessible, regardless of disability, type or severity. “If you are blind, it turns everything into spoken word; if you’re deaf, it turns everything into script,” he says. There’s also a 70-question career self-assessment to help applicants decide which jobs are right for them, plus job-matching technology, volunteer mentors and social net-working. Everything at is free to the job seeker. About 40 percent of the nation’s 22 million working-age Americans with disabilities are unemployed.

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