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Autistic Students Gain Confidence with Video Self-Modeling

March 2 2009 | by

Boy playing on a computer

Several schools across the country are trying a new technique called video self-modeling, designed to improve social behavior in autistic children.

Video modeling helps students understand their environment while keeping therapy costs down. The concept is simple: Record an autistic child prompted to perform a social skill properly, edit out the prompts and show the child footage of himself or herself performing the skill appropriately.

Because autistic children respond best to visual information, an edited video allows students with autism to focus on their behavior as they watch it.

The number of public-school students diagnosed with autism increased 510 percent between the 1997-98 and 2007-08 school years. The average cost to educate an autistic student is $18,790, at least $8,000 more than a student without a disability, according to the American Institute of Research.

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