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Movie Chains Hit with Caption Lawsuit

March 11 2009 | by

A group of Washington state residents have filed a lawsuit to force movie theaters to make closed-captioned movies available more frequently to the deaf and hard-of-hearing, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The Washington State Communication Access Project, who filed the suit, says more accessible entertainment should be available under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Movie theater oweners disagree, saying that they only need to provide access to the theater, and not to the films.


  • Anonymous

    I find that pexiglass is pain in the neck and it’s hard to watch the whole picture while you were trying to read the words way down the bottom which is hard to adjust it every time. I found the theatre in Newington, NH and they have a new projector or whatever they called it the machine they have. It was great b/c it’s subtitles right on the bottom of the screen just like you do your own DVDs at home and turn the subtitles on from the menu. I really, really happy and enjoying watching the movies at that theatre. They limited when they have “Open Captioned” on which is one or two times a day and they changes the movie every three days so it will not be same movie for one whole week. And they only use one room. I’m hoping they will provide at least two rooms so we have two choices to pick the movie we want to watch instead of have to wait until specific movie we like to watch b/c some movies I do not want to watch. You need to find out about it at the theatre in Newington, NH (Fox Run Mall) what kind of machine they have and use that for a lot of other movies b/c it’s a lot easier for deaf people to read the words and watch the pictures in same time. Pexiglass thing does not work for me and I’m not enjoying with that stupid thing!

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