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Time: A Q&A with Jenny McCarthy

April 1 2009 | by

Time Magazine interviewed Jenny McCarthy, the former Playboy model and host of MTV’s The Jenny McCarthy Show, who has since become a best-selling author who writes about autism. Her seven-year old son Evan, who developed autism early in life, is the catalyst for her writing career, and she’s now working on her fifth book, coauthored with autism specialist Dr. Jerry Kartzinel — titled Healing and Preventing Autism.

McCarthy, an advocate for safer vaccines, has long argued that autism rates have climbed with infant vaccination rates, saying Evan was “handed to [her] pre-vaccinated with a Band-Aid on his foot.”

She talks about managing the frustration of being a mother to an autistic child, and how parents can balance their child’s special needs against the needs of their other children.

Read the full interview at Time


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