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Captioners for the Deaf Are “Unsung Heros”

June 21 2009 | by

New York Times

It didn’t mention Abledbody and I’m not really a Yankees fan, but I got a mention in today’s insightful New York Times article about Cory Macchiarola, the man who is behind the scenes captioning Yankees and Mets’ games for the deaf and hard of hearing. It’s a really tough job, I can imagine.

Macchiarola began his career captioning Yankees games for TV in real-time. Not only did he capture the broadcasters’ play-by-play, he also translated live commentary from the sportscasters — some who talk a mile a minute; others who discuss “obscure movies with foreign names or unexpected topics like the fear of flutes (aulophobia).”

After several grueling years with the Yankees, Macchiarola took a job at Citi Field to caption the comparatively easy public-address announcements at Mets’ games, which appear on the scoreboard. A lot of the text can be pre-programmed, including the lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner and Sweet Caroline.

Interestingly, it has only been a two months since the Mets have even offered closed-captions on TV for the deaf and hard of hearing. The SNY Network had been taking advantage of a loophole in the Federal Communications Commission’s captioning requirements. Under pressure, however, the Mets relented and now captions appear on home games.

A question for Macchiarola: Did you ever pre-program text when sportscaster Michael Kay was working the booth? Kay is known for making predictable comments — so much so that a Yankees fan has created a drinking game in his honor.

  • Jessica Medina Solano

    I am so amazed by hearing how kind hearted Cory Macchiarola is, and all what he displays it seems to be helpful and kind however I have to say that he has a son he never wanted to recognise as he said he had a carelessness with a hispanic in Spain, this latin was so downgraded for him and I found out there is something that does not really match well, by doing what he does, I think he could also be useful and kind with his son if he ever did something for him.

  • Jessica Medina

    I am so surprised about Cory, all what he is doing seems to be so nice, kind and generous from his side, however he does not display any type of interest in meeting and supporting his son Nicholas Medina Solano from Spain who lives now in London, he did not want to recognise him because he had a carelessness with a downgraded hispanic as he said, I think there is something that does not match well.

  • Chochera

    Cory Macchiarola is having a hearing for a Paternity Petition on December 1st 2011 at the Family Courts of Kings.

  • mlscapri

    To Chochera, Are you speaking about the same Cory Macchiarola in the above article?

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