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A Gym Designed for Wheelchair Users

July 13 2009 | by

The access

A new piece of gym equipment for people with physical disabilities is currently in the top running for the U.K.’s James Dyson Award, a prestigious design award.

The Access is universal fitness equipment that accommodates those with various disabilities and able-bodied users alike. Comprised of a central tower with two arms extending laterally, each arm rotates 180 degrees independently and can be configured for a user’s unique needs.

The Access is the brainchild of a gym-goer — whose name remains anonymous for the duration of the contest — who witnessed a man in a wheelchair enter a local fitness club and attempt to work out using a bag full of homemade accessories attached to the back of his wheelchair. The man in the wheelchair “spent more time transferring in and out of his wheelchair and adjusting to the equipment, than actually performing his exercises.”

The James Dyson Award is open to product design, industrial design and engineering university level students. You can vote for the 2009 winner here.

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