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DynaVox Buys Blink Twice

July 13 2009 | by

Pittsburgh-based DynaVox Mayer-Johnson, a provider of speech generators and other devices for people with speech, language and learning disabilities, has merged with Blink Twice. DynaVox’s purchase will help expand its product line of communications devices, including the Tango, a new speech-generating device for children and teens with significant speech and language challenges.

The Tango is unique in that it’s a small, kid-friendly handheld device that lets users talk using pictures, lists, photo albums, spelling and custom vocabularies. You can try out the device here.

Richard Ellenson, Blink Twice founder and CEO, and the father of a child who uses the Tango, will join DynaVox as Chief Vision Officer. In his new role, Ellenson will take active roles in product development and strategic planning efforts. He will also direct advocacy initiatives and focus on raising awareness of speech disabilities and solutions within the general population.


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