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ATIA Announces Web Series on Assistive Technology

July 28 2009 | by

The Assistive Technology Industry Association has launched a series of web seminars aimed at increasing awareness of new and innovative assistive technologies and services for use by people with disabilities. The new web series complements ATIA’s conferences — held twice a year — and leadership forums that bring together high-profile assistive technology professionals to share ideas and best practices. The next conference will be held in Chicago in October.

The goal of the ATIA Webinar Series is to increase awareness of assistive technology and train everyone — from teachers to employers — to understand and assess the thousands of assistive technology products on the market for people with disabilities. These products span the assistive technology spectrum, from augmentative and alternative communication; blind/low vision; computer access; Web accessibility; K-12 and higher education technology; and deaf and hard-of-hearing. “With the addition of webinars we can reach a much wider audience and can do so throughout the year,” says David Dikter, Executive Director of ATIA.

For a full listing of the ATIA Webinar Series go to


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