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Hands off My Pony! And other ATIA Humor

January 29 2010 | by


Though assistive tech isn’t really a topic to be taken lightly, sometimes it’s good to have some fun with it — and find the humorous side of things. Here’s hoping you smile with these photos taken today at the 2010 Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference in Orlando:

Don’t touch that pony! A blind woman attended today’s session with her miniature horse in tow. Her husband, who helped train the horse near their home in Jacksonville, Fla., kept reminding gawkers that it’s not a pony — otherwise she would be riding it, not walking with it. I like the red bow on the horse’s head. Everyone wanted to pet the horse, but you’re not supposed to touch service animals.

Pardon me, Is it happy hour yet? Look closely here at the screen for Zingui, a new speech-generating device from Jabbla for people who have difficulty speaking. This device is set up with some fantastic phrases for young and old. My favorite is one that can be used over and over again at T.G.I. Friday’s: “Can I have a beer?” Keep this one out of the hands of kindergarteners.

He had me at Hola. The guy trying to extol the accolades of Tobii ATI‘s speech-generating device couldn’t get it to switch from Spanish to English. Luckily I’ve completed ninth-grade Spanish and could make out the benefits of such a product:

I’m lovin’ it. This product from Adaptivation Software made me hungry. Underneath the McDonald’s hamburger and french fry box is a thin plastic sheet connected to a speech-generating machine. When the sheet is pressed, the machine speaks the words. It’s designed for those with cognitive disabilities who are trying to assimilate into culture and learn the language of the Golden Arches:


Why, yes, I like to lick camels, thank you. A new company, Ginger Software, makes some amazing word-correction software for students, complete with user reports to show teachers how their students are progressing. This made me giggle:


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