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Disney Adds New Audio Descriptions to Theme Parks

June 15 2010 | by

Mickey Mouse

Disney has announced plans to unveil audio description assistive technology for its outdoor theme parks as it currently does for more than 30 narrated indoor attractions and rides.

Audio descriptions, provided via headsets, guide visually impaired guests and others who can’t fully experience the visual aspect of visiting a Disney theme park. Using assistive technology audio description devices, guests can still hear ambient sounds but will also receive descriptions of scenery, props, and characters around them.

These audio descriptions will extend beyond indoor rides and shows and out into the streets of Disney’s theme parks and will even offer audible versions of restaurant menus for those who can’t read them.

Disney’s assistive technology system, which was introduced in 2005, is offered as a free hand-held device to park-goers. It also includes features for deaf and hard-of-hearing guests, such as amplified sound and hand-held captions. Disney licenses the technology to Houston-based Softeq Development Corp., which sells the system as Durateq.

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