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profoundly yours the abledbody blog

Following the success of sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon, a company called AbleRoad is using technology to connect people with restaurants and shops, only this time the venues being reviewed are—ideally—accessible to people with disabilities. The AbleRoad website and app hitches to the crowdsourcing trend and lets people with disabilities review any public space or business. It is integrated with Yelp, allowing users to see both the Yelp and AbleRoad ratings for a business on the same screen. Like Yelp, users can add ratings and upload photos while on location; AbleRoad lets you rate them for many factors relevant to people with disabilities, such as ease of access or the availability of sign language interpreters. AbleRoad’s site and app are accessible to people who are blind or have low vision and use their own screen reader or Apple’s built-in VoiceOver screen-reading technology on the iPhone and iPad. The app is also available on Google ... keep reading »