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Articles by Agam Shah

WHAT'S HOT August 14, 2013

Combating Disability through Martial Arts

Losing motor skills or not having full control over your leg or hand is like losing a part of your body.  A brain surgery some years ago affected my motor skills, and I’m now in physical therapy to regain full hand-eye coordination and balance.  I’ve tried piano lessons, sewing, you name it. When nothing seemed to work, I took a hard look at my rehab options and reverted back to martial arts, which I began doing years ago. As scary as it may sound for a brain surgery patient, I now swear by it. I’ve tried many martial arts schools, and the Karate and other uniforms from those free one-month trials are gathering dust. Gentle martial arts like Tai Chi and Aikido were easy to adapt to, but the highly physical styles like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate were challenging. I finally selected the kick-heavy Taekwondo, which addressed my weaknesses effectively. I didn’t settle ... keep reading »