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Articles by John Williams

Life April 15, 2011

Speaking Proudly of “The King’s Speech”

I was very slow to see the movie “The King’s Speech.” I had wanted to see it for many months, and am overjoyed with having seen it. It’s a movie I will watch many times — I enjoyed it that much. I also drew many parallels between the sometimes despicable ways that speech therapists and others treat people with stuttering problems, including me. “The King’s Speech” is the story of British King George VI (formerly Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, Duke of York) and his personal struggle to control his stuttering, or as the King calls it, “stammering.” For Albert (Colin Firth), dealing with stammering is a constant struggle internally, physically, psychologically and socially. Throughout the movie, Firth, who plays the future king, does a wonderful job portraying the hurdles people who stutter face daily. Firth plays Albert’s character so authentically that I almost believed the actor stutters in his personal life. Many ... keep reading »