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abledbody in the news:

Mentors Help Disabled Employees Feel Welcome (7/2011)


  Going Back to Work After an Illness (11/2010)


  Ahead of the Curve, Assistive Technology Gadgets (video) (2/2010)


   AbledBody helps disabled navigate gadget world (3/2009)


   Abledbody brings tech love to the disabled (3/2009)


New Assistive Technology Resource (4/2009)


  Assistive Gadgets — an interview with Suzanne Robitaille and An interview with Suzanne   Robitaille (2/2010)


  Taming the Cubicle Jungle: “Managing Disability in the Workplace” View the transcript. (8/2009)


press releases:

 The Illustrated Guide to Assistive Technology and Devices” by Suzanne Robitaille Just Reached #1 on Amazon’s  Assistive Technology List (9/2010)

 Noted Disability Columnist Suzanne Robitaille Launches (3/2009)


articles and speeches by Suzanne Robitaille

  The Annoying Orange’ Needs More Captions (12/2010) Launches New E-Accessibility Feature for People With Disabilities (7/2009)


 Four Ways Companies Can Measure Returns Hiring Employees with Disabilities (4/2009)



Department of Justice Announces Plans to Prepare New ADA Regulations (Suzanne appears at 178 minutes speaking to the Department about the issue of online video accessibility. Open captions.) (12/2010)


 Americans with Disabilities Act turns 20 (7/2010)


Low Vision Alert: The high-tech road to family memories (PDF) (Winter 2010)


  Positive Vibes: The AbilityOne Program (PDF) (10/2010)


Microsoft Showcases Assistive Technology for Seniors (3/2010)


Google’s Smart Captioning Move (3/2010)


  A Costly Gamble (3/2009)


For the Disabled, More Power for Play (12/2008)


Finding the Right Way to Disclose a Disability (8/2008)


Support Grows for Disabled Workers (7/2008)

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