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Sponsor Us is a media platform for the 54 million Americans and 20 million families touched by physical or mental disability, and those who engage with the disability community. It’s a place where consumers can read the latest disability-related happenings in technology, workplace, design and life/culture.  We focus on assistive and emerging technologies, and we’re one of the first ever consumer websites to write about new technologies for people with disabilities in the workplace and lifespace.

“ is an important and welcome resource on a topic – assistive technology – that is certain to become increasingly critical in the changing workplace.” —

In a world that is increasingly shaped by technology, seeks to meet the growing demand among people with disabilities for a consumer-savvy online resource that addresses their need for news and information relevant to their lives.’s content and tagline – “where can do is done different” – exemplifies the various ways in which people with disabilities are blazing trails to achieve success in the workplace and lifespace. The website also provides a unique forum for businesses and organizations to share their news, initiatives, products and expert insights of interest to the disability community.

“A great idea for a tech blog … and one we’ll be keeping an eye on.” –- CNET’s Crave

Content channels

Tech – News and reviews on assistive and emerging technologies

Work – Jobs, employment, career advice and workplace technology articles

Design – Innovation through design that improves products and services for people with disabilities and opens new avenues for marketing

Life – Popular arts and culture, education, and other important topics as seen through the disability prism

The Profoundly Yours Blog – Advice and unique observations related to living with a disability from editor-in-chief Suzanne Robitaille and a team of bloggers

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Key Facts

Launch Date: March 26, 2009 (redesign launched on September 19, 2011)
Pageviews Per Month: 7,500
Unique Visitors Per Month: 5,000
1,500 Twitter followers / 500 Facebook fans
500 newsletter subscribers

2011 Online Sponsorship Rates

We currently offer two sponsorship opportunities:
Website home page or channel sponsorship: Leaderboard or sidebar. Includes a sponsored blog post.
Newsletter sponsorship: Leaderboard or sidebar. Includes one sponsored blog post.

Website sponsorship rates
1 month: $150
3 months: $375
6 months: $625 (one month free)
12 months: $1000 (two months free)

Newsletter sponsorship rates
1 month: $50
3 months: $150
6 months: $250 (one month free)
12 months: $500 (two months free)

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