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Ablevision, a TV show created by developmentally disabled adults living in the Boston area, is making a splash, according to The Boston Globe. The show is entirely run by members of the Triangle Inc. program, whose mission is to provide disabled adults with independence and self-sufficiency. Ablevision teaches Triangle’s members about video skills as well as life skills like organization and teamwork. Ablevision is a seen in 44 communities in Massachusetts and a handful in other states, as well as online at and Recently, Ablevision interviewed disabled and abled dancers from the Gimp Project, the acclaimed dance troupe. Says one Gimp dancer, Lawrence Carter-Long: “Normally there’s a weird kind of power dynamic in play when you’ve got a nondisabled person interviewing a disabled person … When you’ve got a group like Ablevision out there doing the interview, when you don’t normally see disabled people in a position of ... keep reading »