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What do a professional skier, a Hollywood consultant and a business blogger have in common? A disability, of course. On Tuesday I attended the Disability Innovation Forum in Washington, and met a great group of people who are leading the conversation on hiring and marketing to people with disabilities. The keynote speaker was Bonnie St. John, an African-American leg amputee who became a Paralympic medalist in downhill skiing in 1984. Using comedy and an authenic voice, Bonnie broke down the sterotypes surrounding disability and made everyone in the room feel comfortable. The forum was organized by Working Mother Media‘s Diversity Best Practices division, with the help of Jonathan Kaufman of DisabilityWorks. An education and policy extraordinaire, Jonathan told me he’s about to begin creating a ph.D program in Disability Studies at Columbia University’s medical school. He also consults with Hollywood on movies that feature disabled characters. Some lively afternoon panels ... keep reading »

Kindness in a Can

September 12, 2008 | by

I was taking the Greyhound bus from Boston to New York earlier this week, and the bus driver decided to stop at Arby’s for dinner – my favorite place (NOT!) This is a roast beef chain where, I’m told, the meat comes out of a can. Like Playdoh. I was placing an order of chicken fingers, when Arby’s saving grace appeared to me in a laminated sign just above the cash registers. It read something like this: If you need help with anything please don’t hesitate to ask us. If you’re visually impaired we can read you the menu aloud. If you’re hearing impaired we can speak slower or offer you a pen and paper to write down your order. If you’re mobility impaired we can bring your food to your table. etc. I read this notice a few times, then looked over at the teenagers at the cash register, and then spotted the shift manager. ... keep reading »