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GM and Segway have teamed up to create a two-wheel vehicle called the P.U.M.A. – or the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility vehicle. The Puma is a two-wheel, self-balancing 35-mile-per-hour urban pod with a maximum range of 35 miles on a fully charged set of its lithium-ion batteries. Acccording to Register Hardware, which has only seen pictures so far, each Puma is apparently driven by two small electric motors that are inside the wheels. The car will linked into to a live digital network giving details of nearby parking spaces, charge points or coffee shops, and allowing for vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Presumably, then a tweaked and enhanced urban-centric version of GM’s OnStar system. All controls are managed by a fly-by-wire system, while dashboard information will be displayed on connected devices such as the iPhone. The Puma holds potential for people who have mobility difficulties, or use a wheelchair. Potentially, these individuals could drive ... keep reading »