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profoundly yours the abledbody blog

Welcome to Profoundly Yours. This is my very first post, so exciting! If you haven’t read my profile already, here’s a little about me. My name is Suzanne and I am a former journalist. I am also profoundly deaf. Hence, this blog is called Profoundly Yours. I’ve accomplished much despite my hearing loss. Got an undergraduate degree (in Communications), a Master’s (in Journalism), and then worked at BusinessWeek (you may have seen my column, Assistive Technology?) and the Wall Street Journal. I went on to write speeches at American Express and direct business communications for MasterCard. Along the way (exactly six years ago) I received a cochlear implant. For the first time, I could use the telephone, tune into music, hear the rain tap-dancing on the street, the microwave’s beep, the subway’s windy whirl, and so much more. And while silence surely is golden, there’s something to say for living life in ... keep reading »