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Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system is a small upgrade, but features some key improvements to accessibility options, according to MacWorld. The system supports Braille displays, trackpads that register touches or gestures, and controls for speech, voice and audio. Apple had already introduced VoiceOver, its version of a screen reader, with its Tiger OS. A later version called Leopard added a more human-sounding synthesized voice called Alex. With Snow Leopard, which launched this week, the improvements are small, but crucial. For example, a multi-touch trackpad can now represent the entire active window allowing you to hear what’s on screen by touching specific areas of the trackpad. “Using Trackpad Commander, touch the upper left corner of the trackpad, and VoiceOver will tell what’s in the upper left of the screen. Drag your finger, and VoiceOver will tell you what’s in the frontmost window your finger ‘touches.’ Additionally, you can move to items ... keep reading »