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A new four-year college scholarship is available to a student with a disability. The scholarship is for Aspen University, a new online university based in Denver that provides undergraduate and graduate degrees, including MBAs. The Aspen Collegiate Foundation Scholarship was created and funded by Scott Thompson, a volunteer coach for Courage Center, a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and autism. Thompson received his MBA from Aspen University and serves on its foundation Board of Directors. The scholarship is based on an applicants’ academic merit, financial need and a commitment to complete all four years at Aspen University leading to a Bachelor’s Degree. The school offers BAs in business administration and criminal justice. It also offers more than a dozen Master’s Degrees, such as business administration, education and nursing. Tuition starts at $250 per semester credit or $750 per course. An application can be obtained by ... keep reading »
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in an Oregon case in which a local school district contends that students should at least give public special education programs a try before seeking reimbursement for private school tuition. A federal appeals court sided with a high-school student identified in court papers only as T.A. The student enrolled in a $5,200-a-month private program and sought reimbursement from the Forest Grove School District. The Supreme Court heard a similar case from New York in 2007, but split 4-4 on the outcome. According to a article, Justice Anthony Kennedy appeared to hold the key vote, and his comments at the argument were difficult to interpret as favoring one side or the other. In the case before the Court today, T.A., now 23, was a public school student in Oregon. In spite of difficulties in school, he never used special education services. School officials evaluated ... keep reading »